Volume 11, Issue 2

On Friday, Oct. 1, more than 160 alumni and their sons or daughters who are current students celebrated together at the annual Legacy Dinner held during Family Weekend. Lafayette College has a rich legacy tradition with some families having graduates over three or four generations. More than 340 families came to campus to experience life at Lafayette with their students during the weekend.

We also kicked off a year-long celebration of the 40th anniversary of coeducation at Lafayette with “Lafayette: Coed in 1970,” a talk given Friday, Oct. 1, by Elaine Stomber ’89, the College’s associate archivist, and Sarah Shuster ’12. Shuster worked with College Archives to develop a web site about the transition to coeducation. Beginning Oct. 15, the site will feature blogs focused on student life from 1972 up to the current time.

Homecoming, set for Oct. 16-17, will also feature 40th anniversary events including the talk, “Coeducation: The Elusive Goal of Educational Equality,” by Leslie Miller-Bernal, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the college, Wells College, at 4:30 p.m., Friday, in Oechsle Auditorium. There will be a talk by a student group, “Hands On with Engineers Without Borders,” at 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning in Acopian Engineering Center before the annual tailgate begins at 11 a.m. Alumnae athletes will be recognized at half time of the game.

Sherri Jones
Director of Alumni Affairs

In the National Limelight

Lew Minter Recognized for Digital Artwork in Romania

June and Paul Schlueter Discover Unknown Poems by Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke

Professor Jim Toia’s Artwork Featured in New York City and New Jersey Exhibitions

Collaborative, High-Impact Learning

Project Combines Economics, Computer Science, and Engineering to Enhance Environmental Policymaking

Students Gain Valuable Experience by Conducting Research

Committed Teachers and Scholars

Religious Studies Professor Asma Sayeed Returns from Research Trip to Syria

English Professor Alix Ohlin Encourages Student Writers to Take Risks

Professor David Brandes Analyzes the Threat Wind Turbines Pose to Migrating Raptors

History Professor Joshua Sanborn Brings Understanding of the Human Experience

Extraordinary Campus and Facilities

Students Compose Music for Professional Dance Performance

Language Center Provides All the Resources Students Need to Learn

Social Spaces: Photo Gallery

Involved, Focused, Active Students

Monica Manglani ’13 Starts Baking Business to Support Poor Children and Is Nominated for a Pepsi Refresh Grant

Kurumi Fukushima ’12 Learns the Ropes at CBS 21 News in Harrisburg

History’s Sandbox: Jared Katz ’12 Works at Archaeological Dig Sites in Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico

Schuler Scholars Bring Diverse Perspectives to Campus

Alumni and Parents News

Citigroup Names Jud Linville ’79 CEO of Citi Cards

Frank Sabatini ’09 Selected to Harvard Law Review, One of Five Lafayette Graduates Attending Harvard Law School

Working Group Invites Perspectives on Greek Life at Lafayette

Lafayette Athletics

Darion Benbow ’11 Reflects on Neuroscience Major and Basketball Experience

Student-Athletes Participate in Leadership Academy Retreat

Davis Rodriguez ’11 Earns Extra Points on the Field and Beyond